The balti dishes are cooked in punjabi style with fresh green dhaniya-methi which changes the entire charcacter of the meal to an exotic, oriental flavour and taste. Tandoori naan or chapati are recommended with balti dishes.
Vegetable Balti Vegetarian
Chicken Balti
Lamb Balti
Chicken Tikka Balti
Chicken Saag Balti
Chicken & Mushroom Balti
Prawn Balti
Mixed Balti
Combination of chicken, lamb and prawn.
King Prawn Balti
Chicken Tikka Massala Balti
Chicken Dansak Balti
Chicken Dupiaza Balti
Chicken Pathia Balti
Chicken Korma Balti
Chicken Rogan Josh Balti
Chicken Madras Balti Spicy
Chicken Vindaloo Balti Very SpicyVery Spicy
Tandoori Chicken Balti
Garlic Chicken Balti
Chicken Pasanda Balti
Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken Balti
Chilli Chicken Masala Balti Spicy
Chilli Chicken Jalfrezi Balti Spicy
Jeera Chicken Balti